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"A Beloved Pastor, International Missionary, and Father of 4 Children, and Loving Husband of 28 Years"

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1944 - 2006

My father’s passion in life was helping people, especially strangers. He always initiated his own mission trips overseas wherever he saw a need, touching many lives in the process. Whenever news hit reporting natural disasters or something major happening in other countries, we knew we wouldn’t see our father for a while since he would be there in a heartbeat. There was no limit to his love. Contributing with donations was not enough for him – he had to get physically involved in these organizations all around the world. One of the most recent projects he wanted to get involved with was going to the Henan Province in China where up to 40% are HIV positive. Even among missions trips, this was definitely “less glamorous” – many missionaries were hesitant to go to this region of China. To my father, this was more of a reason to go. Our family discouraged his idealism strongly but my father continued talking about it in hopes we would change our mind. After the recent tragedy, the family has decided to support in physical and financial forms towards these charities in his memory.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the family at revhuang@gmail.com.