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Baba's Prayer

Baba always prays and I know he was praying at that moment.

I love to ask him ‘So, what did God say this time?’ and he always amazed me with his answers.

He told me the 5 year plan inspired by God – After Shane goes tolaw school after the Army, Charlotte will be in college and Christian will follow us to places. He said God gave him the restaurant just like Apostle Paul – make a living and get ready for the next mission.

I know he was praying when the madman tried to kill him, I know he was asking God what to do next.

Many times, he requested the whole family to pray during the crisis. The time Jade was hit by my car while she was loading her swimming stuff at 5 am - he requested we all hold hands to pray before going into the hospital. Then we walked in the E.R. and discharged the next hour. The time my purse was stolen from the car where I took Christian to a swim lesson. The time when we called Jade home to be with Popo’s last hour. The time he found out Patrick was not Baptist yet – one week before the wedding and I told him no way you can get a place to perform the baptism and Patrick is a believer anyway. He told me he promised God he won’t perform wedding vow to non-believer nor walk his daughter to a non-Baptist man – he kept the promise. Baba said God protected him from 3 things that tempt a servant the most – power, sex and money.

I don’t know what God told him during the last prayer.

God lifted him up to heaven for two hours the day he accepted Jesus as his savior - the year he graduated from college. He promised God he would be a full time servant for Him despite my objection. He promised God that one of his kids will serve Him full time but don’t know which one. I was joking and said ‘Shane is too good-looking to be a pastor and Christian will not fit into a pastor’s character, do you think girls can be pastors?’

I know Baba got an answer from God at that moment. It comforts me so much to know that God was there with Baba at that moment.